Posted by Tony Ricciardi 1 week 1 day ago
When we think of "comfort food" it's usually things like fried chicken or gallon jugs of ice cream . . . but we shouldn't.  In fact, foods like that spike your blood sugar and usually just make...
Posted by Tony Ricciardi 1 week 6 days ago
If God wants to get our attention in the form of food, he should appear on a pizza or floating in gravy.  I'm not sure how many people he can reach with vegetables.  Especially BAD...
Posted by Jeff Brown 2 weeks 1 hour ago to Boneheads in the News
Your Thursday Bonehead of the Day!
Posted by Pat Urban 3 weeks 2 hours ago to Pat Urban's Blog
July 3, 2014        In your head, you should read this in the voice of a late-night TV Informercial announcer:     So…It’s a long holiday weekend, and you feel...
Posted by Pat Urban 3 weeks 6 days ago to Pat Urban's Blog
June 27, 2014      I'm pretty sure the teacher who received this note fell off her deck.  I'll bet when she returns to her classroom, she spends more time on spelling lesson.s
Posted by Tony Ricciardi 3 weeks 6 days ago
Ever notice how everybody is instantly hotter with sunglasses on?  It's not because you have some fetish you didn't even know about.  It's true for everyone . . . and here's why.  ...
Posted by Tony Ricciardi 4 weeks 20 hours ago
Eric Harvey of Deadspin writes this piece on the legacy of Michael McDonald. A fascinating, passionate read. 
Posted by Jeff Brown 1 month 3 days ago
If you missed this morning's performance from The Jeff Brown Comedy Singers, here they are doing "The Sights of Summer" as done to the tune of "The Sounds of Silence"