The Average Person Eats 2500 Calories on Thanksgiving

As you know, Thanksgiving dinner is the ONE time a year Americans allow themselves to eat an unhealthy meal . . . so just HOW unhealthy is it?  Here's a breakdown of the calories you'll eat at the average Thanksgiving . . .

Six ounces of turkey, with skin.  299 calories.

Sausage stuffing, 310 calories.

Dinner roll with butter, 310 calories.

Sweet potato casserole, 300 calories.

Mashed potatoes, 140 calories.

Green bean casserole, 110 calories.

Cranberry sauce, 15 calories.

Roasted vegetable, 83 calories.

Slices of pumpkin and pecan pie with whipped cream, 919 calories.

So that's a total of 2,486 calories . . . which is basically supposed to be your daily total.  And that number doesn't include any drinks, appetizers, SECONDS, or anything else you'll eat that day.