What We DON'T Want for Christmas!

There's still PLENTY of time to return Christmas gifts and get something better.  So listen to this carefully.



A new survey came up with the top 10 gifts that men and women DON'T WANT for Christmas.  Check 'em out . . .



Men don't want:  Socks, a bad sweater, books they've already read, cheap cologne or toiletries, slippers, a mug, a calendar, chocolate, a handkerchief, or second-hand stuff.



Women don't want:  Cheap perfume or toiletries, cheap jewelry, make-up that isn't right for them, a bad sweater, candles, second-hand stuff, books they've already read, chocolate, a scarf, or a calendar.



So what SHOULD you get someone?  A separate study in the "Journal of Consumer Research" says you shouldn't try to come up with unique gift ideas for everyone . . . you'll just end up overthinking it and FAILING.



Instead, come up with ONE good idea and buy the same thing for everyone on your list.  Yes, the gift will be a little more generic . . . but that could be a GOOD thing, since it will also be something that's POPULAR and everyone likes.



(Yahoo / eScience News)