We Are the 2%... Odorless

I bet that right now, in Washington, high-powered lobbyists from Big Deodorant are putting the squeeze on Congress to get this study suppressed.

According to a new study out of the University of Bristol in England, about 2% of people don't need to wear deodorant.  Because they have a gene that makes it so their underarms are ODORLESS.


Only about 2% of people have the gene.  The vast majority of them really don't need to wear deodorant.  But 78% of them still wear it.


About 95% of people who DO produce smells wear deodorant.  Which means that 5% of them don't. 


The researchers say you'd need a genetic test to determine if you're part of the odorless armpit group . . . but we're guessing you probably know already whether or not you're prone to B.O.