Santa Is Not Real? You're Arrested!

Normally if you tell a bunch of kids Santa isn't real, you're just kind of an a-hole.  You're not a CRIMINAL.  Apparently, Canada is trying to change that.

Last week, a 24-year-old man was at a Christmas parade in Kingston, Ontario, Canada... and he was drunk.  As a float went down the street with Santa on board, the man shouted at a bunch of kids that SANTA WASN'T REAL.

And someone called the cops.  The man was TECHNICALLY arrested for public intoxication and violating his probation... but we all know he was REALLY arrested for telling kids Santa isn't real.

A police officer said the man's hair was gelled to, quote, "look like a set of devil horns" and that he's, quote, "pretty despicable [to] tell kids Santa isn't real." 

(Toronto Star)