The Potato Gun That Wasn't

There are so many objects lying around that might look like a gun if you hide them under a shirt.  A hairdryer . . . a spatula . . . your fingers . . . basically anything that's not small and round.  This guy picked something small and round.



A man tried to rob two stores in Providence, Rhode Island on Monday . . . using a POTATO.



He walked into a convenience store around 2:00 P.M., held up the potato, said it was a gun, and demanded money.  But the clerk chased him off with a baseball bat.



So the guy went to a dry cleaner and tried the same stunt.  The cashier handed him a fake $20 bill from a decoy cash register . . . apparently this dry cleaner must get robbed a lot?  Then he left, and the cashier called the cops.



The police are trying to track down the guy. 



(CBS 12 - Providence)