Parents Call the Cops on Their Kids

Why spend the energy to punish your own kids when you could just kick back on the couch while the cops do it for you? 


Earlier this month, a couple in Glastonbury, Connecticut went away for the weekend and left their 15- and 16-year-old daughters home alone.  The girls threw fairly TAME parties every night . . . with only about 15 to 20 kids there.



But when the parents came home early and found their daughters having a party, they decided to teach them a lesson . . . by CALLING THE COPS.



As annoying as that sounds for the cops, a spokesman from the Glastonbury police says the parents, quote, "did the right thing."



The girls were both ARRESTED for allowing a minor to possess alcohol.  There's no word on the sentence they might be facing, but we'd guess community service. 


Would you call the cops on your kids? 

(Hartford Courant)