Lonely? Try A Mouth Pillow!

If you're spending this Valentine's Day alone, good news.  You never have to go another night without someone to kiss.  Or at least, some THING to kiss.



There's a new product for sale called the Make-Out Practice Pillow, and it's just what it sounds like . . . but somehow creepier looking than you could imagine.  It's a pillow with a realistic rubber nose and mouth poking out.



The pillows were created by 26-year-old Emily King of St. Petersburg, Florida.



She says, quote, "When I was in middle school, everyone joked about making out with pillows for practice.  I'm assuming I wasn't the only one for whom the jokes had some truth . . . [so] I'm stepping in and offering a new solution."



The mouths on the pillows are like the ones you'd find on CPR dummies.



Emily is selling them on Etsy for $30, plus $10 shipping and handling.  We assume she has a very limited quantity, so if you want one, get in on it quick.