Lit On Fire During Heart Surgery

You never REALLY know what surgeons are doing to you when you're knocked out.  You hope they open you up, fix you, and close you up without any incident . . . but clearly it doesn't always go down that way.



Here's a horrifying one:  Earlier this month, at the University Hospital of Northern Norway in Tromso, Norway, surgeons accidentally LIT A WOMAN ON FIRE during heart surgery.



Their electric scalpels sparked and ignited the disinfectant fluid they had on hand to clean their tools.  And the fire WOKE the woman up . . . and caused THIRD DEGREE BURNS. 



There's no word on where the burns were on her body or how the surgery went after that.



But apparently this happens WAY MORE OFTEN than you'd think.  According to the head of the hospital in Norway, last year about 100 people were accidentally set on fire during surgery JUST in the U.S. 



(The Local)