The Greatest Trend in Restaurants... EVER?

At every restaurant on the PLANET, if you look around at any given moment, you'll see entire tables of people staring at their PHONES.  It's pretty depressing . . . so it's come to THIS.



There's a restaurant called the Bedivere Eatery & Tavern in Beirut, Lebanon that wants people to actually TALK TO EACH OTHER during dinner, instead of looking at their phones, or worse, TALKING on their phones.



And they want to encourage it so badly, they're offering a 10% discount if you leave your phone in the staff's custody while you eat.



Unfortunately, yeah . . . BEIRUT.  For now you'll just have to make the trip to Lebanon to get that 10% discount . . . which might not be that wise, or cost effective.



But at least they're taking a step at getting people to talk during dinner again.  And hopefully the trend will spread to restaurants just a little closer . . . or at least countries that are safe to visit because they don't border SYRIA.