Get Paid to Be Sick

We've got good news and bad news.  The good news:  The U.S. government is looking for volunteers to make $3,000 for nine days of just hangin' out.  The bad news:  You have to let them infect you with SWINE FLU.



The National Institutes of Health is in the middle of a massive clinical research study to try to find a cure for the flu . . . and they're at the point where they need to test it on humans.



So they need volunteers who are willing to be infected with the flu . . . then monitored carefully at a hospital for nine days.



They're testing it with all different forms of the flu . . . from regular, old influenza to H1N1 swine flu.



If you're interested in letting the government give you a virus for $3,000, you can apply online.  Just Google "NIAID Influenza Clinical Research Studies."  Or call 1-800-411-1222. 



(Today / NIH)