Five "Bad" Foods That Are Now Good for You

Here we go again. A bunch of foods have a bad rep, and then it changes that they're actually GOOD for you.  You may have heard some of these before, but here are the five latest bad foods to get back on the healthy list:



1.  Coffee.  Too much caffeine was supposedly bad.  But studies show that coffee improves memory, reaction time, mood, and general cognitive function.  It also boosts your metabolism, and can protect you from Type II diabetes and Alzheimer's.



2.  Whole milk.  Scientists agreed that drinking it made you fat.  Well, now they're saying that kids who drink SKIM milk are likely to be the chubby ones.  Because skim milk somehow makes you crave junk food.



3.  Salt.  It used to be bad to salt your food.  But the real problem isn't necessarily salt . . . it's processed foods with a high sodium content.



4.  Chocolate.  Candy bars are one thing, because they're filled with chemicals and preservatives.  But pure chocolate is healthy for you.  It helps with heart disease and lowers blood pressure.



5.  Popcorn.  Keep in mind that when movie popcorn is covered with butter, it can have 1,200 calories.  But the kind that you air-pop at home is loaded with more anti-oxidants than fruits and vegetables.  It's also a great source of fiber.