Crying Baby On A Plane!

I just came back from a trip from Dallas. The flight was ok... but let's face it. You get a VERY limited amount of space on a plane these days, and a lot of what happens on your flight relies on other people being polite.  So what do you do if they're NOT?



A new survey asked people how confrontational they get in different uncomfortable situations on a plane.  Here are the results . . .



If you're in the middle seat and the people on both sides hog the armrests, 28% would confront them.



If the person in front of you reclines their seat so far back that you can't open your laptop or put down your tray table, 55% would confront them.



If the person in front of you leaves their seat reclined for takeoff or landing, 13% would confront them.



If someone had a screaming child and WASN'T trying to get them to STOP, 8% would confront them.



And finally, if you're sitting next to someone who wants to talk the entire flight, 12% would actually talk the whole time . . . 10% would tell them to stop talking . . . and everyone else would put on headphones or pretend to sleep.



(Travel Leaders Group)