Blizzard Names

Starting this winter, The Weather Channel is going to start naming blizzards . . . the same way that the National Weather Service names hurricanes. 

They say that it should help raise awareness of winter storms . . . make it easier for people to track storms . . . and give each blizzard its own personality.  (???)

Just like with hurricanes, the blizzard names go in alphabetical order, one for each letter.  UNLIKE hurricanes, they aren't alternating male and female names.  Here's The Weather Channel's list of winter storm names for THIS winter:

#1.)  Athena.  (--The Greek goddess of wisdom and courage, if you must know.)


#2.)  Brutus.  (--The guy who killed Caesar.)


#3.)  Caesar.


#4.)  Draco.  (--The first legislator in Athens . . . and the kid who bullied Harry Potter.)


#5.)  Euclid.  (--The mathematician who invented geometry.)


#6.)  Freyr.  (--A Norse god of weather.)


#7.)  Gandolf.  (--Yeah, they spelled it wrong.  The wizard in "The Lord of the Rings" was Gandalf.)


#8.)  Helen.  (--The daughter of Zeus in Greek mythology.)


#9.)  Iago.  (--Othello's enemy in the Shakespeare play.)


#10.)  Jove.  (--The Roman god of the sky.)


#11.)  Khan.  (--A Mongolian emperor . . . and the villain in "Star Trek II".)


#12.)  Luna.  (--The Roman goddess of the moon.)


#13.)  Magnus.


#14.)  Nemo.  (--The name of the captain in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" . . . or the fish in the Disney movie.)


#15.)  Orko.  (--The Basque god of thunder.)


#16.)  Plato.  (--The famous Greek philosopher.)


#17.)  Q.  (--Just Q.  It's possible they named it after James Bond's gadget guy, or the villain in some of the later "Star Trek" TV shows . . . but we don't know for sure.)


#18.)  Rocky.  (--Yeah, they definitely seemed to struggle to keep up with the mythology theme as they went deeper into the alphabet.)


#19.)  Saturn.  (--The Roman god of time.)


#20.)  Triton.  (--The son of Poseidon in Greek mythology.)


#21.)  Ukko.  (--The Finnish god of weather.)


#22.)  Virgil.  (--The famous Roman poet.)


#23.)  Walda.  (--Another "Lord of the Rings" character.)


#24.)  Xerxes.  (--The king of Persia.)


#25.)  Yogi.  (--The former catcher for the Yankees who said, quote, "It's not over 'til it's over." . . . or a cartoon bear that steals picnic baskets.)


#26.)  Zeus.  (--The most powerful of the Greek gods.)