Baked Goods = Promotion!

I brought in cornbread today that I had made late last night. I wanted to share with my fellow co-workers. Much to my chagrin, Mr. Urban told me about this story from the Daily Mail about people bringing in baked goods to get promotions.

According to a new survey, ONE in FOUR people say they've tried using BAKED GOODS to help get a promotion.



That's right . . . one in four people say they've baked cookies or cupcakes or brownies and brought it to the office to try to impress their boss, and hopefully get an extra look when it's time for someone to get a promotion.



And MEN are more likely than women to bring baked goods to the office with the specific goal of moving their careers forward.



The survey also found 10% of people who've brought in baked goods have done it hoping to impress the other SINGLE PEOPLE at the office, and maybe wind up in a relationship. 



(Daily Mail)