Are You A Grown Up?

What if you had two options for tonight:  A.)  Go out, get drunk, and go wild until morning . . . or B.)  Order takeout, watch a movie, and fall asleep on the couch by 11.  Which one would you pick?  If you're over 28 . . . it just might be "B."


According to a new survey, 37% of women and 39% of men said they started GETTING OLD and making "grown up" decisions at age 28.  Age 30 was the second-most popular choice.


The survey also came up with nine signs you're GROWING UP.  Check 'em out . . .


#1.)  Your career is more important than your sex life.


#2.)  You switch from listening to pop music to adult contemporary.


#3.)  You really want to buy a place, not rent.


#4.)  You have no idea what the number one song on the charts is.


#5.)  You start looking for a husband or wife, instead of a boyfriend or girlfriend.


#6.)  You'd rather go on a vacation with the person you're dating than with a group of friends.


#7.)  You'd rather cook for yourself than get takeout or make a microwave dinner.


#8.)  You'd rather live on your own than share an apartment or house.


#9.)  You stop going to nightclubs.



(Daily Mail)