4 Random Facts About Swearing

Everyone swears.  Except on the radio (except for that ONE time...), and in most churches.  So here are four random facts about swearing for all you $%#@&...



1.  About 0.7% of the words we use on a daily basis are swear words.  That's about the same amount as words like "we" and "our."



2.  The average child learns a swear word before they can recite the alphabet.



3.  The people who swear the least are generally people who are upper-middle class . . . basically people who are "rising" in status.  Upper class people swear the most.



4.  Swearing can help you with pain.  A study found that if you put your hand in a bucket of ice water, you can keep it there longer if you say the S-word instead of saying "Shoot."