A Twisted Tale Extra

Submitted Fri, 08/16/2013 - 1:41pm by Pat Urban

August 16, 2013

  This happened in the U.K., and I'm not sure if a cop would get away with it over here.  At least I hope not.

  36-year-old Shaun Jenkins is a police officer in Caerphilly, Wales.  In April of 2010, he met up with a hooked up with a married woman, and the two had sex while he was on duty.  Right in the middle of things, her husband walked in and caught them in the act.  The husband reported him, and Shaun was fired for gross misconduct.

  But in a hearing on Monday, an appeals panel said Shaun can keep his job . . . Here’s why:  When Shaun and the married woman were having sex, Shaun didn't take his pants off all the way . . . he just dropped them down to his ankles.  By their logic, that meant he could still reach down and grab his gun with no problem, should the need arise.

  Because of that, the appeals panel ruled that he COULD'VE responded immediately in an emergency.  And since their decision is final, Shaun is now back on the force.