That's one way to get out of Christmas Shopping

Submitted Fri, 12/13/2013 - 10:27am by Pat Urban

December 13, 2013

   I mailed the last of my Christmas cards on my way to work this morning, and I’m nearly finished with my holiday shopping.  We decorated the house, the tree is up, and baking cookies is my wife’s job, not mine.  I have a few more errands to run, and I have to make the Boilo, but I’m almost ready for Christmas.   

   Did you hear about the guy in China who apparently had enough holiday shopping?  Last Saturday, 38-year-old Tao Hsiao was shopping with his girlfriend at a mall in eastern China.  After 5 hours of following her around carrying shopping bags, all poor Tao wanted was to go home.

   But his girlfriend insisted on visiting just one more store because they were having a shoe sale.  Tao reminded her that she already had more shoes than she could possibly wear, but she wouldn't back down.  Then, Tao’s girlfriend accused him of trying to ruin Christmas by being cheap.  And that's when he dropped all of her shopping bags, climbed over a 7th floor railing, and jumped to his death. 


  Paramedics arrived soon afterward, but Tao died instantly.  The mall was packed when it happened, but fortunately, he didn't hit anyone on the way down.  Hey, just one the time he jumped, was he still holding her purse?