Submitted Wed, 10/02/2013 - 10:47am by Pat Urban

October 2, 2013

     Well…now I’m taking this whole government shutdown seriously.  First, I found out that the Penn State Home opener at The Pegula Ice Arena might not happen.  Penn State is to host Army in 9 days, but all Service Academies have to suspend their athletic programs because of the shutdown. 

     Then I find out this:  Did you know The Tax and Trade Bureau had to furlough 93% of their 518 employees, which means they can't issue new brewery permits?  And With the rise in microbrews and craft beers, they WERE approving at least one new brewery a day.  I can’t wait until the next election to see if we again send 90 percent of Congress back to Washington, so we can keep this partisan gridlock going.  Remember, too… Members of Congress still get paid during the shutdown, and their annual base salary is $174,000.