My Kinda Geezer

Submitted Wed, 01/16/2013 - 9:03am by Pat Urban

January 16, 2013

  If I manage to live to be an old man, I hope this is the kind of old man I become.

  A German man just celebrated his 94th Birthday. Unfortunately, he was in the hospital on his birthday. I mean, he is 94 after all. But he decided the fact that he was in the hospital was not going to prevent him from celebrating his birthday with a beer.

  Wearing nothing but a hospital gown, and with an IV needle sticking out of his hand, he escaped, and headed for his favorite beer hall. Unfortunately, he didn't make it. Some do-gooder called the police after seeing an old man with an IV and hospital gown waiting for a train, and the cops returned him to the hospital. 

 But the story does have a happy ending--the hospital staff gave the man a birthday beer.