Making Thanksgiving with your Family Tolerable

Submitted Tue, 11/26/2013 - 9:16am by Pat Urban

November 26, 2013

Not looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with your relatives.  Perhaps Bourbon will help. Imagine a Thanksgiving meal with bourbon in everything. will show you how to do it.  Here are their ten suggestions . . .

  1.  Bourbon ginger cider.  You can have a few of these waiting when guests arrive.  It's just ginger beer, apple cider, and bourbon over ice.


 2.  Apple-bourbon turkey and gravy.  Put bourbon over the whole turkey before and during roasting, and save the pan drippings for gravy.


3.  Bourbon cranberry sauce.  Add some cinnamon and a bit of orange and lime juice, and you'll never go back to canned cranberry sauce again.


4.  Bourbon pecan stuffing.  However good you think your regular stuffing is, it's better with chopped pecans and bourbon.


5.  Bourbon-maple sweet potatoes.  Pretty simple:  Anything you eat with sweet potatoes in it . . . add bourbon.


6.  Side dishes.  Any cooked vegetables can have bourbon too.  Two good options are bourbon-glazed radishes, and Brussels sprouts with bacon and bourbon.


7.  Bacon-bourbon butter.  Make a LOT of it.  When you taste it, you'll want it on everything.


8.  Pies.  Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and even cheesecake . . . they're all great with a little bourbon inside.


 9.  Bourbon-butterscotch ice cream.  If you're making your own ice cream, you're already hardcore about Thanksgiving.  So yeah . . . why not put bourbon in it.


10.  Bourbon coffee or tea.  There are a hundred ways to do it, so don't limit yourself with a recipe.  Just get creative and see what comes out.


You can check out the actual recipes at