It's Time to Turn on The Bus and RAWK!

Submitted Mon, 03/04/2013 - 7:42am by Pat Urban

March 4, 2012


Monday’s don’t start much worse than this.  This email from Tony Ricciardi was waiting for me first thing today:

I received the email below Sunday night. Our good friend Mona died on Sunday. I also received a separate message through the Bus' facebook page from a different person I've already loaded up 5pm with her favorites.
 your number one fan has passed away. sadly Mona Redman Passed away Sunday. You  were her favorite and she always talked about her please can you have a shout out for her andher family.   Thanks Tony!  She always said you were gonna come take her away someday she listened to you every day.  She will be sadly missed.

Here’s a link to the story in the Altoona Mirror.

When The Bus gave away a motorcycle last summer, Mona was one of our finalists.  I swear to you, she was more famous, and more people asked about her than Jeff, Tony and me combined.  In any given week, I could count on Mona and Rich calling me with requests about 4 days out of 5.  I’ll miss those calls.  But I’d like to think that if there’s a Rock and Roll Heaven, they must have their own radio station, and that today, Mona and Rich are lighting up the request lines of Wolfman Jack, Alan Freed, and Murray the K.