I, The Jury

Submitted Fri, 03/29/2013 - 10:31am by Pat Urban

March 29, 2012

    Just a heads-up…I won’t be in on Monday.  Instead, I’ll be at the courthouse in Bellefonte.  No, it’s not what you think—I’ve been selected for jury duty.  Good thing, too, because I can tell when someone is guilty just by looking at them.  At least that’s what I plan to say, in the hope that I’m free to return to work on Tuesday.

     I did get to sit on a jury once before, but that was for a civil trial in Schuylkill County.  I was just out of college, and had not yet changed my address when I received that summons.  I was an alternate juror on a case involving a traffic accident, so I had to sit through three days of testimony, but then, they sent me home before deliberations began.  

     While I was home that week serving on the jury, I did manage to get together with a few of my old high school buddies who still lived in the area.  But now, we were old enough to hit the bars.  It may have just been me, but I thought the judge was really loud as he gaveled the court to order each morning.

    Happy Easter!