How To Spot an Idiot

Submitted Mon, 08/11/2014 - 9:22am by Pat Urban

August 11, 2014

Reddit posed the eight most popular red flags that tip you off to the fact that someone’s not too bright.



1.  They honk in a traffic jam.

 2.  They post long Facebook status updates ranting about the things other people do.

 3.  They always hop on whatever bandwagon is popular.

 4.  They've tried to tell you you're stupid . . . but written it "y-o-u-r" stupid.

 5.  They confuse a story on "The Onion" for something real, and post it on Facebook along with a sentence about how outraged they are.

 6.  They eat gluten free because they think it's healthy, not because they have celiac disease.

 7.  They like an Adam Sandler movie from the past five years.

 8.     They tell stories about how much smarter they are than other people.