A Hangover at Work

Submitted Tue, 12/17/2013 - 9:38am by Pat Urban

December 17, 2013


   After the grown-up hot chocolate recipe’s I posted yesterday, I thought I should post this little tidbit for you today.

 6 Ways to Deal with a Hangover at Work

 1.  Strategize.  You need to decide whether it's better to suck it up, or call in sick.  If you're still drunk, you might wreck your reputation if you go in.  But if you miss an important meeting . . . same deal.  Weigh the risks, and decide accordingly.

 2.  Exercise.  Working out may seem like the LAST thing you can do.  But when you move, oxygen gets to your cells and increases the rate of detox.

 3.  Eat healthy.  Stay away from fats and heavy carbs.  It's a day to take it easy on your stomach.  Experts recommend stuff like soup, toast, or vegetable juice.

 4.  Lay low.  This is not a day for big decisions.  Do simple, routine tasks that you're not likely to mess up.  And if you can, avoid clients and co-workers.

 5.  Don't tell people.  It's just not professional.  And you don't want it getting back to your boss.

 6.  Take breaks.  If you're really suffering, take a few minutes alone in the break room or restroom.  Slow, deep breaths are supposed to help. (New York Post)