Submitted Mon, 02/11/2013 - 8:51am by Pat Urban

February 11, 2013


            It’s a busy week here at The Bus.  Listen for more chances to qualify to win that stay in Virginia Beach.  Also this week, listen for your cue to call to score Bon Jovi Tickets for their show at the BJC on the 23rd.  If Bon Jovi loves you, yet get tickets, perhaps even in the first 5 rows.  If, however, Bon Jovi doesn’t love you, take comfort in the fact that we still do, and you’ll at least get a Bus Prize Pack.


            Also this week, the Mystery Tracks will all be cover songs.  In fact, later in the week, I’ll have a few Beatle songs covered by other artists.  As always, if you can name the mystery tracks by title and artists, you become A Tenured Professor in the Bus’s Kollege of Musikal Knowledge.  As always, the Mystery Tracks happen around 11:15.  Hope you enjoy them!