Calorie Count

Submitted Thu, 07/03/2014 - 9:09am by Pat Urban

July 3, 2014


     In your head, you should read this in the voice of a late-night TV Informercial announcer:

    So…It’s a long holiday weekend, and you feel like firing up the grill.  But wait!  Hot dogs and hamburgers are just too expensive.  Human flesh is a much cheaper alternative, but what about the calories?

      For some reason, a scientist in England figured out the calorie count for human flesh.  He says that if you ate an entire person, it'd be about 81,500 calories.  Each arm is 1,800 calories . . . each leg is a massive 7,150 calories . . . your organs are around 1,500 calories each . . . and your heart is 722 calories.  And now you know.