Best Wishes to Tony Iommi

Submitted Tue, 01/10/2012 - 10:18am by Pat Urban

January 10, 2012

  Sad news...Black Sabbarth guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with early stage lymphoma, which is cancer of the immune cells.  

  Black Sabbath posted a Facebook message, saying,  "[We] would like everyone to send positive vibes to [Tony] at this time.  [He's] currently working with his doctors to establish the best treatment plan.

  Last Fall, Black Sabbath announced that the original line-up would reunite for an album and tour.  The band says the album is still happening, and it's scheduled for a fall release.  There's no word if Tony's diagnosis and treatment will affect their tour plans.

Some musicians have already sent wishes to Tony.  Here are a few of them:

  • The band ANTHRAX:  "This really does suck.  GET WELL SOON TONY!"
  • Slash:  "Best wishes for a full recovery to Tony Iommi."
  • Former Sabbath singer Glenn Hughes:  "Prayers please for my brother Tony Iommi . . . we all pray for a full, speedy recover from cancer . . . much love."
  • Sebastian Bach from SKID ROW:  "All hail the mighty Tony Iommi, and F-YOU, Cancer."

I completely concur.