Bead Beating

Submitted Thu, 03/15/2012 - 1:32pm by Pat Urban

March 15, 2012

 Last week was my sister’s birthday, so to celebrate she invited the family to her home for a little celebration.  Over the course of the afternoon (and a few drinks) we got to talking about our Grandparents, particularly our devout Irish-Catholic Grandmother.

 My brother told the story of when she was teaching him to pray the Rosary.  I guess she thought it was time for him to move beyond “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.”  For those of you who weren’t raised Catholic, or who are unfamiliar with saying the Rosary, all you need to know is this:  It involves saying the “Hail Mary” again and again.

 So my Grandmother told him what to do, gave him a set of Rosary Beads, and left the room.  I guess after saying a few Hail Marys, he got bored.  From the next room, instead of hearing “Hail Mary Full of Grace…” my Grandmother heard Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na--Batman!

 My brother didn’t need to go to Confession for that particular sin.  He got his penance when she whipped him across his shoulder blades with her Rosary Beads.