Angry with NBC

Submitted Mon, 08/13/2012 - 5:12pm by Pat Urban

August 13, 2012

NBC, you just made the list.

The Olympics mean very little to me. I know some people enjoy it, to each his own and all that but it's just not my thing. For the past weeks, if I watched any Olympics coverage, it's because someone else had control of what was on TV.

The one-and-only thing I wanted to see: Sunday's Closing Ceremonies. And why? Because The Who, my favorite band, were going to perform.

So I set my TIVO to record, and after it was on for an hour or so, I started to watch. I figured I could just fast-forward through all the parts that didn't interest me. Then, when The Who took the stage, I could watch it again and again. My grand plan was to archive the audio, put it on my iPod, and play it during my show on Monday.

So I watched, thumb on the FWD button, until I was all caught up, and watching NBC's "live" coverage. The Who still weren't on, but Russell Brand was, and he was singing a Beatles song to boot. So I figured, what the heck, I'll go to bed, and watch the rest this morning, forwarding through the parts rest of the parts I don't want to see.

And then...I get to the end, and still no Who! Instead, they previewed some sitcom a WSJ blogger described as Scrubs for Animals. I forget the name of the show, and even if I knew it, I wouldn't mention it here and provide the publicity. I had only recorded till the end of the ceremonies, so I didn't get to see Ray Davies, and I didn't get to see the Who! Oh, I saw the Spice Girls. I saw One Direction. Madness, and the Pet Shop Boys? Saw them too! And NBC made sure I got too see the Tribute to British Fashion! But to see favorite band's 7-minute performance, I had to go online to watch it. (I know, first-world problems, right?)

The kicker? The video is captioned "The Who performs "Teenage Wasteland" and "My Generation" to close the London Olympics"!

Teenage Wasteland

Why didn't they just call it the CSI: New York theme?