Would You Use Coupons If You Became A Millionaire?

Let's say you became a MILLIONAIRE tomorrow.  The next time you go to the grocery store or the mall, would you still only buy stuff that's on sale?



A new survey asked women if they'd still use coupons and hunt for deals if they became a millionaire tomorrow.  And 90% said . . . ABSOLUTELY.



68% of women say they shop for deals because they WANT TO . . . and NOT because they have to.



88% say it's definitely worth BRAGGING ABOUT IT when they buy something that's a great deal.



And just to prove how much women value savings:  The survey also found that 50% of women would give up sex for six months, for $2,500.  That means sex is worth about $416 a month to them . . . or about $104 a week.