Random Valentine's Day Stats

Here are some random statistics on Valentine's Day we've picked out of the eight million Valentine's Day surveys floating around online . . .



#1.)  The worst time to buy last-minute flowers tomorrow is at 3:00 P.M.  That's when flower shops hit their peak.



#2.)  The top three most popular places to take a date on Valentine's Day are a French restaurant, a cupcake shop, and a winery.



#3.)  Plenty of people have had sex for reasons OTHER than love.  91% have done it with someone out of HORNINESS, 33% did it while drunk or high, 18% did it out of SPITE, and 18% did it out of AMBITION.



#4.)  Want to SPICE IT UP on Valentine's Day?  58% of people say they, quote, "enjoy a little pain."



#5.)  4% of people say they had sex every day last month.



(Forbes / Time Out London)