Police Raid Home for Meth; Find Maple Syrup

On Wednesday morning, police and drug agents STORMED the Benson family's property in Union County, Illinois . . . because they suspected the family was COOKING METH.


They were not.  Although they WERE manufacturing something that's arguably MORE addictive.  Pure maple syrup.


That's right.  Apparently, some neighbors spotted a bunch of buckets and tubes and containers and reported a potential meth lab.  The Bensons were just making their own maple syrup, which they've been doing for five years.


The Bensons are being WAY COOLER about this than I'd be.  Laura Benson actually THANKED her neighbors for being vigilant and notifying the police about something potentially bad going down in the neighborhood.


They also gave syrup to the cops and agents who SWARMED THEIR PROPERTY.  Which, again, seems like they were way cooler about this than they should've been. 



(CBS 12 - Cape Girardeau, Missouri